We're good old-fashioned farmers, which means we feed people. It's what we do. We believe in the power of good food; that it not only benefits our culture and improves the quality of our lives, but also helps to raise the consciousness of our planet. Food is always an indicator of health and well-being: we are what we eat, and what we eat is what we know. Our food choices tell our truth.  So at Good Faith Farm our truth is told through the quality of our food.

Traditional curing techniques, organic farming practices and small-scale production.

These are the principles we live and work by at Good Faith. In order to maintain the integrity of our products, we manage every process the olives take from tree to table: we manage the groves, hand-harvest the fruit, cold cure, store, transport, and market all of our own olives. We take pride in every jar of olives and every bottle of oil we send off the farm. We stay true to ourselves by making sure we’re sharing the absolute best. 


At Good Faith, we choose to farm without destructive methods or poisonous chemicals.  Our traditional lye-free, salt brine method preserves the fruit’s natural probiotic enzymes and showcases the subtle flavors of the olive. This old-world technique has sadly been lost in most modern day olive production where shelf life and a quick turnaround have won out over flavor and nutrition. In fact, when we set out to start our farm, we tried to track down some old guard farmers still making olives this way, and we were hard pressed to find a single one! That didn’t slow us down, though. After years of developing our process, we think we’ve created one of the best tasting and most nutrient rich raw olives on the market!